I’m delighted to be working with my good friend Sandy at his site Evinyl.  Sandy and I have been friends since the Rhody days back in the early ‘80’s.  It was also a pleasure meeting Kevin, John an

By: evinylwrites
March 14, 2018

The internet allowed for the discovery of new music like never before. Until now, that has only lowered the value that the public has placed on music. We're changing that. 

By: evinylwrites
July 1, 2017

This launch has been some time in the making. What started as a sort of homage to the "record store vibe" has developed into a full blown listening space that we're happy to be rolling out to you today.

By: evinylwrites
June 8, 2017

More to follow - in the meantime enjoy this Stargazer Lillies video fof the track "when with you" - you can find it on their album titled "Door to the Sun" available now in our bins.

By: admin
March 1, 2017