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Jan 14, 2021

Alan Likes Music - An Introduction

I’m delighted to be working with my good friend Sandy at his site Evinyl.  Sandy and I have been friends since the Rhody days back in the early ‘80’s.  It was also a pleasure meeting Kevin, John and Vanja and I look forward to working with them as well.

 Music has always been the primary thread in my friendship with Sandy.   Sandy has always had ideas and a goal of somehow contributing to the beauty.  Not as a musician but as promoter in some form.  Honestly, I guess I can say the same about myself.  About twenty years ago, before a blog was called a blog, I had a music blog.  I also had a concert series.  But then I had a family and well . . . so much for the blog and concert  series.

But now I’m back at it.  Honestly, I really have no pedigree or credentials and I’m even not a good writer.  But I’ve got ideas and more importantly I’ve got an ear.  I’ve been turning friends on to amazing music my whole life.  More recently, my 26 year old daughter told me that I was a “sponge”.  I liked that.  I particularly liked hearing it from a millennial. Because music does transcend.  So that’s my credential, Camee says I’m a sponge.  So there you have it.

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