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Dec 20, 2018

JD McPherson's Socks - My new favorite Christmas album

JD McPherson's new Christmas album, Socks, is the funnest Christmas album I've ever heard.  The songs are all originals.  JD made a conscious effort to avoid Christmas cliches. So there's no jingle bells, no silent night and no schmaltz.  It's all played in JD's retro rock, blues shouter, rockabilly style.  And it's all fun.  

The album starts with the upbeat, danceable, yet touching All the Gifts I Need. The singer is helping his parents with the Christmas prep.  He's revelling in it.. He loves the Christmas spirit, the cookies, the music, family.  And then he realizes . . .

I take a little look around
and suddenly I see
It's not even Christmas yet, I've got all the gifts I need.
What a great kid!  Clearly NOT a teenager.

All The Gifts I Need - Lyric Video

Hey Skinny Santa sounds just like a Big Joe Turner song.  It's getting near Christmas and Santa only has a 32 waistland.  So he takes a roadtrip (or I guess a sleightrip) to Chicago, New Orleans and then Memphis for some deep dish pizza, jambalaya and barbecue.  He waist expands at every stop.

Hey Skinny Santa - Lyric Video

Holly, Carol, Candy and Joy is really clever.  It makes a song out of girl's names that have something to do with Christmas.  Each name gets a verse.  Appropriately enough it ends with Joy. 

Candy, sweeter than a sip of Brandy
Peppermint and buttered rum, tempting as a sugar plum
Cooler than a summer shanty
Oh when the snow starts a falling and I crave a sugar fix
she's so confectionary Candy's always in the mix
Oh what a luck, luck boy

Holly, Carol, Candy and Joy - Lyric Video

There are seven more great songs.  The only problem with the album is that it's only 30 minutes long.  But it's a great 30 minutes.

- Alan Likes Music