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What is eVinyl?

To be honest I am still trying to figure it out.  As a young man, I was a passionate music fan which led me to become a college radio DJ and to land a "back office" job at a major record company where I worked for nearly a decade.  After leaving the music business while the Napster storm was hitting the industry, I moved slowly away from "following" the music business and my personal passion waned.  This path was cemented after 9/11,  when I became more interested in the "sport" of politics and policy.  However, my career has always been in and around media and entertainment.   

I started eVinyl as a way to rekindle my love of music.  More specifically, I wanted to recreate the experience of the record album as a work of art, not just a collection of songs (initially in an eBook format).  I have come to believe that the best use of the site would be website to create a "virtual" record store community.  Stay tuned and lets see what happens...  And check our blog for more


(Founder/Record store owner)

April 2022

This scene from "High Fidelity" nicely sums it up..

About the Evinyl community

The eVinyl community members are:

  •  Passionate about the music they love
  •  Excited about sharing their passion with others 
  •  Interested in discovering artist & albums curated by other community members.  
  •  Open to meeting others to share music and other stuff we love (books, shows, movies, etc)
  •  Fun, funny and Interesting in their own unique way

Note: We welcome Vinyl collectors/aficionados, but our focus is not vinyl collecting per se.