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A new kind of record store...

What is it?

eVinyl is a place where vinyl lovers and people who are passionate about music can get together to hang out, discover and buy new vinyl records direct from the artists themselves! The only music you will find are records currently available on vinyl.

If it’s not on vinyl, it’s not in our store!

eVinyl is also a place where like-minded people can join discussions that are always about music and never about anything else.  We’re creating a space where artists can get exposed to the people who appreciate the music they’re creating, and where music lovers can discover more sounds to enjoy and add to their collections. What better way to help promote and support the spread of beautiful music?

Why is it?

We created eVinyl.net to help artist and indie record labels increase their earnings.  Why is this necessary?  Big streaming sites have  become the “mainstream” means of music consumption. So how well does this “mainstream” pay? According to the RIAA, 1,500 streams on one of the major streaming sites, pays about the same as  just 1 vinyl record sale!  At eVinyl.net we believe that if the songs on any given album in our bins received 1,500 streams, then the band, artist or label, would stand to make way more money in the related vinyl sales than they would ever make from the same number of plays on a streaming site.  So in this way we are offering an alternative to the “mainstream”.  eVinyl.net is a site where streaming is free and used for the sole purpose of promoting and perpetuating vinyl sales for the artist. Every independent artist knows that vinyl record sales and physical merch are the “new” life’s blood of indie music. They also know that while it’s possible to make money from downloads it’s nearly impossible to make money from streaming. Yet, there is an inherent value in streaming since it’s a great way to discover music. By cutting to the chase and using free streaming to facilitate vinyl record sales, we believe that we are actually putting the value back into streaming by helping music fans and vinyl lovers support artists in the most organic and natural way possible; buying records on vinyl, direct from the artists themselves!

We are so glad you found us and we hope you will invite your vinyl loving friends and artists to join us in creating a unique and passionate community of music lovers A record store is only as good as the records you find there and the patrons who support it. We want to be just like a local record store…

We want to be YOUR online record store!!!

Who is it?

We are not a fancy silicon valley start up, just a couple of old friends with like minded developers who had a dream of creating a new kind of record store... so please sign up today!  And please buy a record!!

Founded by Sandy F & John C

what's your dream job..

How it works

If you are interested in buying an album just click on the buy it now button and you will be taken directly to the artist website where you can complete your purchase. Buying direct from the artist is the best way to ensure that you are directly supporting an artist with your purchase.

For Artist

If you are interested in promoting and selling your vinyl offerings through eVinyl - please contact us at Info@evinyl.net or simply join up!


Join Us On Our Mission

Today, we are asking you to join us on our mission to maintain our independence. We don't spam our users with ads or obnoxious requests. Our site depends on donations which average the cost of one album per person. If all of our users simply donated $3, the cost of a cup of coffee, we will be able to continue to grow our bins and bring you great music for years to come. To continue the sense of community from the record stores that some of us grew up around - we want to thank you for visiting & for joining us on our mission. Simply click "dontate" below :)